The new us!

Posted by Cassie Rowe on Apr 6th 2020

The new us!


Owner, Cassie Rowe here to share with you some exciting things we have going on over here at Abingdon Gifting Company, formerly known as Build-A-Basket. As,you can tell, we changed our name!! Let's dive into this first.

Starting a business is scary. With every intention of conquering the world, opening your own business, one that will be your lively hood, your bread and butter, your end all be all, is terrifying. But, whats the worst that could happen? So here we are, Build-A-Basket. I'm telling you, the feeling I got when I made that first sale. “You really want to give me your hard earned dollars for this item, in my shop?” It was a candle. Something so simple gave me the motivation to push for greatness.

As With every business Build-A-Basket went through some growing pains. Learning new techniques, failing at some, but loving most. It will always be a learning experience I have come to find, and I can't wait to see where it takes us. With our growth, we have come to realize that we are so much more than just our custom gift baskets, even though they are our bloodline, so why let a name limit our business?

When you choose a name for your child (my shop is definitely my baby, soured surprises and all) you sit and think “Okay, if I do my job right, raising a successful human (business), this name will be on the lips of every person in the tri-state area, and even better, across the country, don't mess this up!” Think of the pressure people!! It was tough for me to wrap my head around a new name, especially one with my towns name in it. I have always thought how brave one must be to think when they are starting fresh “I am going to be THE sign shop, or THE flooring company.” I am finally brave enough to be THE Abingdon Gifting Company, and I wont take this lightly.

Doing what we love, pleasing our customers, our business has bloomed into a one-stop gifting shop. At any given point, if you walk into our Main street location, you will see us working on anything from hand made gifts, to personalized items, elaborate gift baskets, care packages to be shipped across the country and so much more. Thus, the name Abingdon Gifting Company. I feel like this truly shows the “ sky's the limit” feel that has become our business as a whole, don'tcha think? I know, it took me a minute, too.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am still tied, emotionally and spiritually to my beloved Build-A-Basket (it will forever be my baby), and you will still see the name around the shop and on certain products, but as we grow and develop our talents, we have to keep up with our audience. As our local reach is expanding further into Southwest Virginia and deep into Northeast Tennessee, it is more likely that someone who stumbles upon our shop may not know who we are, what we do, or even where we are located. This new brand, if you will, gives you a better idea of what we are capable of, as we are working towards our huge goals, like the world conquering that I mentioned above. So, if you are reading this, our website is live, but pretty empty right now. I wanted to go ahead and share this post, and send out the link to it on our Facebook page just so that you, my lovely customers, could see first hand our exciting journey to bigger and better. I will continue to update here as we gain progress but for now, thank you so much for your support in all things we do. Please know that the same passion, integrity, and love for our customers and community, will continue to act as the fuel to drive us forward!